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Dino F Livanidis

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I've been to many seminars and websites and all charge for nothing, first time I've had great information that I can use for Free.

Adam Boudan


Just to let you know that we feel really comfortable now to get into a property as you have almost covered all aspects. Thanks

Sue Bailey
Wantirna- Vict


Dear Dino

Thank you for your Tip's as we have taken all your tools, information and used it to our advantage with our Investment Property in WA.

Once again keep up the great work.

John Douglas
Gold Coast


We at first were skeptical about your advice and after receiving your emails, we know that you really want to help people succeed for their financial freedom and wealth creation.

Well Done

Melissa Kakis


We had a meeting with you, and may I say you are an unbelievable with all the knowledge you had and the main thing that stood out was why didn't we do this years ago.

Fantastic Information.

Jeff Harrington


Thank you Dino

Please show our Testimonial to tell people of the good job you are doing.

We purchased an Investment Property through your contacts and today we have made approx $60k, and we haven't even settled yet.

Joe Burns


National Property Investment Specialists

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  Our property report will answer some of the most important questions for you personally and on Australian Property Investment like:
  What are the Advantages of investment planning through Property and how to make it work for you to suit your personal situation.
  Is it for you are you ready and prepared?
  Why you should invest in Property and what is negative gearing?
  Learn about LEVERAGE - "The Millionaire Mentality" How people have made Millions and Billions from this one lesson.
  How much money can YOU really make when Investing in Property?
  Many people ask, “What happens if something pop’s up like "No Tenant" and we need to come up with urgent money, how can we afford that?” I'll show you a way to get around this.  
  How do YOU get started and how much do you need?
  What type of property should YOU Invest In? House, Townhouse, Apartment, Duplex?
  How do YOU pay the home loan off quicker using the Line Of Credit and is it for everyone?
  "Consolidation Of Debts"
Here is a proven way to save thousands of dollars and may pay off your home loan quicker .
  When is the right time to Invest? Which part of the circle should you invest?
  What do you do when you cannot get a tenant, and how do you get a tenant in the speed of lightning.
  What is the difference between buying “Off the Plan” and Existing?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of each.
  Capital Gains Tax - How to calculate it and knowing this formula will help you to work out what investments are worth investing in.
  How to get away from paying any Capital Gains Tax for the first 6 years.
  Many home owners cannot accept another debt against their home, learn how to use other methods that are easy and simple.
  People that have plenty of cash in an account or have "Won A Lottery", very rarely know how to maximize and get it working for them, let me show you how.
  What make NPIS different from other companies and why so many people use our service.
  10 Simple and Easy Steps to Property Investment doing it the right way when investing for capital growth.

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Due to popular demand we have added a 10 day course to help you control debts, this is a must for everyone. A 10 day course that really opens your eyes, even for the well off.

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